Preparing - "Anago" - Conger Eel
Anago is a family of Unagi, looks similar but a different.
In “EDOMAE sushi”, Tokyo style sushi, Anago is very popular and important menu. Japanese people rarely eat Unagi sushi. Prefer to eat Anago. In my case, I didn’t know that Unagi is eaten by sushi cuisine. ^^;  Anago is less fatter and plain taste than Unagi.
Today, I am going to introduce how to prepare Anago.
There are two kinds of prepare styles in EDAMAME. This is boiling style. The other is grilled style.
At first, pick up bones from side to side. Secondly, by boiling Anago’s heads in water, New “DASHI”, a kind of sauce, is prepared. Anago is boiled with reused sauce and new sauce which is mix new DASHI, soy sause, Sake, and suger. Every time we prepare Anago, new sauce is added into reused Anago sause. Because Anago’s essences are flowing into sauce during boiling, the longer reused sauce is used, the better sauce taste is. We are offering Anago sushi about a year, so the sauce is about one years old... It’s still younger, but pretty good! At last, Anago is boiled about 10 minuets with old and new mixed sauce.
Anago is very soft and easy to be broken the style. That means ... it melts in your mouth!  Would you like to eat one piece of Anago ??  That’s excellent !
Akira Sushi Bar and Japanese Restaurant
Unagi - Open inside
Pick up the bones
new Dashi
Boil Head
Reused old Anago Sauce
Adding new Sauce
Input the mixed sauce
Checking soft